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His shit was all made up theory. And laughable. Do yiu even know what scietific evidence is? Like that.

Science simply means knowledge. Applied science is applied knowledge. They learned from the best and the best learned by trial and error. Funny you mentioned made up theories because science textbooks are full of made up theories. Steve Brown No one would inject 10 grams of Tren. Mark, Science based evidence is a controlled experiment repeated over and over again producing the same results.

Vince Gironda knows his shit but in the end, rest periods are different for everybody when you train to failure.

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I think longer rest periods so you can use a heavier weight with more reps is more beneficial for mass. And shorter rest lighter weight same reps benefits fast twitch muscle cells. Just my. This is just another form of intensity all of them serve there purpose in stimulating muscle growth. Not just heavy weight builds muscle! Try doing the same volume of exercises with shorter rest periods the pump is unbelievable! Week one should take approximately an hour; each subsequent workout will be shorter.

Stick with the same four exercises, all four weeks. Setup: Grasp dips bars with your arms extended and locked. Lean forward and bend your knees while keeping your legs crossed. Execution: Keep your elbows out to your sides as you bend them to lower your body down until your upper arms are about parallel to the floor. Press your hands into the bars to extend your arms and raise your body back up. Follow outlined rest intervals weekly.

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Setup: Connect two of the single-handle D-grips to the low pulleys of a cable crossover apparatus. Position the bench in the middle of the apparatus so the cables are in line with your chest. Lie on the bench with your feet flat on the floor and you back pressed against the pad. Begin by holding the handles with your arms straight out at your sides and your palms facing up while maintaining a slight bend in your elbows.

Execution: Use your pecs to bring the arms up and together over your chest until your hands meet, maintaining the slight bend in your elbows as you do. Slowly return to the start position by lowering your arms back out to your sides until your wrists come to about shoulder level or slightly above. Setup: Lie across a flat bench with your upper back supported by the bench and your feel flat on the floor about shoulder-width apart or wider.

Execution: Bring your arms back behind your head as far as possible while keeping a slight bend in your elbows. Reverse the direction and pull the weight back up over your chest. Keep a degree bend in the elbow throughout the entirety of the movement. Gironda was an outside-the-box thinker, and he ran his gym like Attila The Hun. But sometimes an unconventional strategy is needed to plow through a conventional plateau.

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No time? Given the rest period was 15 to 30 seconds, I can safely say no. As in other workouts, Vince stressed the importance of the mind body connection and the need to isolate the muscles. Heck he even had very specific views on toe placement during calf raises. Nothing with Vince was without its instructions.

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He, along with Rheo H. Blair, was one of the first trainers to promote extreme fat loss diets for bodybuilding competition.

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More importantly, Gironda promoted low carbohydrate diets for weight loss. He was, in effect, the first low carb, high fat guru of the bodybuilding circuit. Gironda only recommended the use of such diets for very short periods of time. Vince, as was clear from his maximum definition diet, was not afraid of questioning broader nutritional trends.


At the height of his popularity and influence, the general dietary consensus in the United States was that dietary fat was problematic for health. Given that Vince regularly used cream, eggs, milk, red meat and butter as part of his diets, it is perhaps unsurprising that he disagreed, oftentimes vocally, with the nutritional powers that be.

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When questioned about his staunch promotion of dietary fat, Vince responded that results were what he cared about most. Whenever a doctor disputed his methods, Vince would invite them to strip down and show what they knew about bodybuilding! A strong proponent of animal fat in the diet, Vince nevertheless also catered for vegetarian bodybuilders.

The great Bill Pearl had famously turned vegetarian in the s owing to health troubles. Vince not only catered to vegetarians, his lacto-ovo vegetarian diet was recommended for lifters who had plateaued on their bulking diets, as well as those suffering from intermittent stomach trouble. Prior to the s, lifters took supplements but not in the quantities seem today.

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At the forefront of this movement was Gironda who regularly prescribed liver tablets, choline, kelp and a host of vitamins to his lifters as well as protein powders. There was a sense then that he cared more about results rather than profit margins. Furthermore the fact that Vince also trained a host of clients away from bodybuilding meant that he helped to normalize the practice, at least somewhat, among the general public.

Vince, as the opening anecdote with Arnold suggests, could be difficult to get along with. He cared about results and it was this drive which encouraged Vince to trial new diets and new exercises. Not everything was successful but it hardly mattered. What worked, worked and did so for numerous training populations. Because I am dogmatic. If it ruffles feathers, so be it. I can neither compromise to save feelings nor stretch the truth to flatter and please.

I am my own man — ego-centric, controversial, and proud. I just wanted to extend my thanks to this website for remembering an Icon of the Industry.