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Gettin Drip. Doodoo Face. Once the baby shark inside the egg is developed, it hatches ready to defend itself with no mother to protect it. Viviparous Sharks The second way Dr.

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Montano says sand tiger sharks have even been documented to eat their own siblings inside the womb. Some species, such as hammerheads, develop a structure similar to a placenta that allows them to continue to develop inside the womb. Once viviparous pups are developed enough inside the womb, the mother gives birth and leaves them on their own.

Shark moms devote their bodies and a lot of energy towards raising their eggs considering gestation periods can last for many months.

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Add on top of that the violent process of copulating in the first place and ultimately mother sharks have a huge toll taken on their bodies. For this reason, Dr.

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Montano says many sharks cycle every other year dusky sharks cycle every 3 years in order to allow their bodies to recover. Some sharks, like white sharks, have to be at least years old before they are ready to give birth and become moms.

This late maturity age is a factor that works against them when it comes to maintaining population levels. If something happens such as overfishing or finning that causes a drop in shark populations and it can take a very long time for the populations to bounce back. Montano and OCEARCH are working hard to piece together more information about shark moms to better understand what humans can do to protect them.

SeaWorld also provides Dr. Montano with an ultrasound machine to take on OCEARCH expeditions in hopes of getting rare images of follicular activity in ovaries or even a live pregnant white shark that will be extremely valuable for learning more about shark reproduction.