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Aber was, wenn diese Vergangenheit Geheimnisse offenbart, die Zoey nicht wissen will und Wahrheiten, denen sie sich nicht zu stellen traut? Bestimmt House of Night 9 P. Ist Zoey wirklich sicher im House of Night? Doch wird er den Weg des Guten auch weiterhin gehen? Cast The coauthors of the best-selling House of Night series reunite with a haunting, romantic, suspense-filled original novella in the Escaped series.

Eons ago, Sirens were exiled from the Mortal Realm and held captive in a cove at the edge of Tartarus. They are beautiful beyond imagination, but deadly beyond compare. And they have set their sights on breaking free. They risk everything to sneak out of Tartarus and ascend to the forbidden Mortal Realm with one mission: But for a Siren to become pregnant, she must revert to her true form, a horrifying sight that drives men to madness and makes killing them a mercy. In modern San Francisco, the Sirens blend in; each woman has a singular goal and each man she meets is her prey.

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Melody Seirina has always been different. She doesn't believe that she'll be able to bring herself to take a human life, even when the fate of her people rests on her willingness to do so. She's even more convinced when she meets Dean, a charming cop who sees a loving future with her.


Their romance threatens two worlds, the one the Sirens fled from, and the one that will destroy them if they can't complete their mission as soon as possible. Melody will have to make a decision: Entfesselt House of Night 11 P. Getrieben von einem nie gekannten Durst nach Rache, setzt sie alles auf eine Karte: Jetzt wird nicht mehr verhandelt - jetzt herrscht Krieg! Mari vom Stamm der Erdwanderer, Tochter der Mondfrau.


Now, the excitement continues as the Cast mother-daughter duo shares the back stories of a few of the House of Night's most important - and mysterious - characters. In the third House of Night novella, Neferet's Curse, the secret history we've all been waiting for is finally revealed Neferet, the Tulsa House of Night's darkly seductive High Priestess, wasn't always a powerful vampyre, but she has always been beautiful. Raised in turn-of-the-century Chicago in a motherless home, her beauty makes her the prey of unwanted attention and abuse, leaving her with scars that will never heal - and a Darkness that will eventually need to find its way out.

But when she is Marked and gains strength, both physical and magickal, she turns her anger into power and looks for a way to regain what was stolen from her. From victim to High Priestess, beautiful young woman to powerful seductress, Neferet's journey begins Jetzt bleiben ihr nur noch zwei wirkliche Freunde, allerdings ist die eine untot und der andere nicht mal Gezeichnet. Geweckt House of Night 8 P. Und was ist mit Stevie Rae und Rephaim?

Doch welche Wahl hat er, wenn die ganze Welt mit dieser Beziehung nicht einverstanden ist. Die Bande der Freundschaft oder die Fesseln der Liebe. Dragon Lankford, Schwertmeister und Krieger. Dies ist seine Geschichte.

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