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It effectively reduces the average cost basis of your investment—and hence, your breakeven point, an approach known as averaging down.

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That's a good question. It's tempting to say you should fund it to the allowable max each year—or at least up to the deductible amount if you're going with the traditional type. Lovely as it would be to furnish a hard-and-fast figure, though, a real-life answer is more complicated. Much depends on your income, needs, expenses, and obligations. Laudable as long-term saving is, most financial advisors recommend you clear your debts first, if possible—unless you're mainly holding "good" debt, like a mortgage that is building equity in your home. But if you have something like a bunch of outstanding credit card balances, make settling them your first priority.

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A variety of ways exist to figure out this golden sum , of course. But it might make more sense to come up with an ideal number, and then work backward to calculate how much you should contribute towards your accounts, figuring average rates of return, the investment time frame, and your capacity for risk—rather than just blindly committing a certain sum to an IRA. Figure in what other sorts of retirement-savings vehicles are open to you, too—such as an employer-sponsored plan like a k or b.

Often, it's more advantageous to fund these first up to the allowed amount—a k has higher contribution limits than an IRA—especially if your company generously matches employee contributions. After you've maximized the subsidy, you could then deposit additional sums into a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA even though the contributions may be nondeductible. However, if your workplace plan is unsatisfactory little or no match, highly limited, or poor investment options , then make your IRA the primary nest for your retirement funds.

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