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Louvet is also overhauling digital efforts, rebooting e-commerce, developing "smart" in-store changing rooms, hiring a digital chief, and fleshing out the board with Apple and Etsy executives. Founder: Hello Sunshine. Everyone knows Reese Witherspoon can make a good movie.

The Academy Award--winning actress long ago proved her production chops with the films Gone Girl and Wild. But in , Witherspoon launched production company Hello Sunshine to create wide-ranging content for women and in the past year alone announced a podcast network with Rooster Teeth, an Oprah-style book club and partnership with Audible and a brand-new VOD television channel. With every project, Witherspoon is investing in her big-picture goal: proving that women are valuable, hungry consumers of content.

Co-founders: Women on the Block. They gathered an all-women panel and launched Women on the Block, the first all-female blockchain conference; proceeds supported women in technology. Local news can be a revolving door of disappointment. But this past June, Chicagoist the Chicago offshoot of Gothamist found an unexpected savior: Twenty-five-year-old hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper, the sole winner of a Grammy for a streaming--only album, bought and relaunched the news site.

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He says he sees it as an opportunity to give "the people of Chicago an independent media outlet focused on amplifying diverse voices and content. Creator: Nomadness Travel Tribe. This past summer, Oakland, Calif.

Members of this demographic have been stereotyped as non-travelers, but statistics show that the black community is traveling in increasingly higher numbers -- so Robinson is taking the lead. Her company began as an online community but evolved into an event producer, consultancy and retailer focused on millennial travelers of color, attracting 21, members and partnerships from big brands like GoPro, Hyatt and Airbnb. Misha Nonoo used to be like every other fashion creator: She'd make clothing and then wind up with inevitable extra inventory at the end of each season.

In the fall of , she rebuilt her business to ensure there'd be no overstock. Everything would be on-demand, with clothes ordered, produced, shipped and delivered in just five days. Now nearly 80 percent of revenue comes from her Easy 8 collection, eight pieces that mix and match to form a full wardrobe. Co-founder and CEO: Even. About 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which makes them vulnerable to payday lenders and overdraft fees.

He envisioned a platform that would help people budget, save and get an advance on their paychecks without punishing interest rates. That would require working with employers and banks -- and in December , he got his test case: Walmart made his app, Even, available to its employees. More than , people signed up, and 75 percent use it every week. Now other companies want it -- and Even is hustling to meet the demand.

Can video games save the ocean? Emily Orrson thinks it's worth a shot. When Minecraft -- the online video game in which users create 3-D worlds -- introduced an ocean-themed update this year, the product marketing manager saw an opportunity to do even more.

She launched the Coral Crafters project and partnered with gamers, YouTubers and an elementary class in Monterrey, Mexico, to design real-life structures that were placed off the Cozumel coast. They're made from Biorock, a material that can regenerate coral. In October , allegations of Harvey Weinstein's repeated sexual abuse and harassment led to a chorus of MeToo stories from women across the country. Household--name actresses, directors and writers -- including Eva Longoria, Shonda Rhimes and America Ferrera -- then came together to form the Time's Up movement to fight continued abuse.

So Goss Graves and her team are working to activate their supporters. I've been most impressed with people who have gotten together in small groups and held their own fund-raisers to support us. His predecessor, co-founder Travis Kalanick, had resigned amid a host of scandals including a toxic work culture, systemic sexual harassment and a customer boycott in response to Kalanick's seat on President Trump's economic advisory council. Khosrowshahi knew it would be a lot to take on, and a lot to clean up. And anyway, he was happy in his current position at Expedia.

But talking things over with a friend changed his mind. Khosrowshahi realized that pivoting to lead Uber wasn't about being "happy" -- it was about doing something great. He has also directed efforts toward bettering Uber's damaged relationship with the public through ads emphasizing the company's new direction and the implementation of an in-app emergency button for customers. Khosrowshahi is attempting to orchestrate one of the highest-profile company turnarounds in tech history, and he now has his eye on taking Uber public -- possibly as soon as When Nayrouz Talaat, a Cairo-based journalist, wanted to learn to drive, she had a hard time finding anyone that could teach her: all instructors were male, and she didn't feel comfortable or particularly safe spending that much time alone with an unfamiliar man.

She convinced her uncle to instruct her, but knew that many other women in Egypt must feel the same way.

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So in , she launched Direxiona, a startup employing female driving instructors who teach female students exclusively. Talaat now employs 50 female instructors and serves at least students each month; she expects to triple the size of the company by the end of In the past year, Direxiona has competed in startup competitions and summits in Egypt and parts of Europe, picking up mentors for Talaat and her team. Co-founder and CEO: Blavity. At a time when news media budgets are shrinking and established publications are getting rescued by tech billionaires, Morgan DeBaun's Blavity, a platform focused on black millennials, is thriving.

United Airlines last year suffered a seemingly unending onslaught of public relations catastrophes. There was, of course, the violent removal of a passenger from an overbooked flight. Then came news that 75 percent of all animal deaths on planes that year were on United flights.

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Many called on CEO Oscar Munoz to resign, but he stayed put -- and genuinely got to work fixing problems. Medical industry conferences often have a "patient representative" sitting on panels, voicing the needs of the patient. And for a long time, that person very often was Jen Horonjeff. She was a patient-centered outcomes researcher at Columbia University Medical Center, and has had juvenile arthritis since infancy.

When she suggested that panel organizers broaden their reach, many said they didn't know where to look. That's when Horonjeff realized: The medical industry may treat patients, but it doesn't do a good job of hearing from them. Horonjeff figured she could fix this problem. First she reached out to her own networks and found a flood of patients eager to have their voices heard. Then she partnered with Ronnie Sharpe who grew up with cystic fibrosis and founded a social network for others with the disease , and in the two officially launched Savvy Cooperative.

The platform connects patients with healthcare companies, startups and researchers eager to reach them for focus groups, user testing, surveys, and one-on-one interviews. In the first year, patient "gigs" as the engagements are called ranged from testing a wearable device prototype to participating in a market research panel on metastatic breast cancer. The more active members are -- meaning the more gigs they complete -- the larger their portion of the profits at the end of the year.

The 50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs in 2018

Co-founder and CEO: Peloton. In early , just as copycats were jumping on the indoor-cycling-at-home bandwagon that Foley built, he picked up the pace.

Peloton announced Tread, an at-home treadmill that streams running-based, full-body workout classes similar to Barry's Bootcamp. Foley wasn't surprised.

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When the music-streaming giant went public earlier this year -- a year that, to be kind, has been mixed for tech stocks -- CEO Daniel Ek didn't take the traditional route of working with investment banks to set an initial offering price. Instead, he bypassed Wall Street completely and went public via direct listing, letting the market figure out a fair price on its own. Spotify didn't need to raise money, so this ultimately saved it unnecessary underwriting costs. When Mindy Grossman took the helm of the year-old company in July , she knew the brand needed a healthy makeover of its own.

It felt dusty, like the product of a bygone era. So to start, the CEO set about upending common misconceptions about the program. No, you don't have to buy the food. You don't have to attend the meetings.

1. Protect your reputation.

And very critically: Weight Watchers is not only for female clientele of a certain age. You have to partner with others who share the same goal -- to inspire people to lead healthier, better lives. That goal has led Grossman to make decisions that, even just a few years ago, nobody would have imagined from Weight Watchers including a just-announced name change to WW. For example, through an acquaintance with Roc Nation president Michael Yormark, Grossman had an unexpected meeting with someone who was newly focused on his health: rapper and producer DJ Khaled, who had recently welcomed a son.

Utilizing his vast social reach -- 11 million Instagram followers and four million Twitter followers -- the year-old DJ would document his progress on Weight Watchers' just-launched WW Freestyle program. Weight Watchers has since added to its ranks of male brand ambassadors with chef Eric Greenspan and actor-director Kevin Smith, and Grossman has credited these new voices with helping the company achieve a 29 percent subscriber increase year-over-year in the first quarter of Decades have passed since IBM was regarded as a buzzy tech company, but it recently notched a third consecutive quarter of revenue growth after more than five straight years of decline.

This Lazarus-like comeback was built around the behemoth's "strategic imperatives" -- its new analytics, cloud, mobile, security and social divisions, which now account for almost half IBM's total revenue. When someone mentions Big Blue today, they're more likely to be discussing artificial intelligence and blockchain than mainframes and servers.